Labour Efficiency

Centerpoint offers a competitive advantage to its partners & clients by implementing leading-edge technology that reduces costs by increasing labour efficiency.

Centerpoint’s ability to compress schedules and increase quality assurance limits costly re-work which increases site production and results in significant cost savings.


Supervisors no longer need to manually count and report on in-field data. Through CP, this data is collected in the field, on the device, and is immediately available for anyone who needs the information. With the time supervisors get back, they can focus their efforts on higher value areas, such as increasing productivity or safety in the field.

Inspector Surveillance

Increased inspector surveillance in the field to support the work-fronts and increase quality assurance - as well the work would be at fingertips of the inspectors, trips to the office would be drastically reduced

Quality Assurance

Assurance that the correct number of non-destructive examinations are performed ( and no more ) to negate unnecessary third party costs.